Chernobyl Tour – Rules and Regulations

I.D (Identification)
You will need to have your passport in hand to enter Chernobyl. Failure to provide your passport to the checkpoint guard will result in you being denied access into the Chernobyl zone. We will remind you before we leave Kiev to have your passport handy for inspection.

Dress Code
It’s safety first. You must wear clothes that cover all parts of your body. So pants (no shorts, 3 quarter pants, skirts, dresses) a long sleeve top, appropriate footwear (no sandals, flip-flops etc and a hat to cover your head. Failure to follow these rules will result in your non-admission to the tour.

No drinking before or on the tour. Alcohol is only permitted between the hours of 7pm till 9pm in our hotel, it’s the law.

Really goes without saying that any type of weapon if not allowed. If caught with any type of weapon on the tour you could face criminal prosecution as its illegal.

No smoking in the open air. We will have designated smoking stops on the tour. If it doubt always as your guide.

Food and Drink while outside
You are not allowed to eat in the open air. You are not allowed to drink from any water source (lakes, wells, rivers, etc.) other than bottled water. Showering in the hotel water is safe.

Do not touch anything
For your safety the touching of objects, structures, vegetation, or the ground is not allowed. Do not sit on the floor or put anything on it (bags, camera equipment etc)

Photography / Video
You are allowed to take photos and videos. Please be mindful never to put any of your equipment on the floor. Never take photos or video near any checkpoint or of any guards.

Do not bring anything out
They are very strict on this and you will be caught as you need to pass through 3 radiation detection machines when leaving the zone.

Above all
Listen to and follow the instructions of your guide. They are there for your safety and enjoyment.