About Chernobyl.co.uk

About Chernobyl.co.uk

We are a family run business created by husband and wife Lee and Stacey Hart (the pair are also the owners of the massively popular Really Haunted Events in the UK). The pair have been running events and tours in the UK, Europe & the United States of America for over 2 years now and are passionate about what they do. Simply put our tours are the best around and very affordable. Our 2017/2018 pricing is just £599 per person. This includes return flights, hotels, transportation, permits & 2 day Chernobyl tour (including food for the duration).

We have a great team behind us, people who love what they do. Be it Billy, Sean, Kat, Duane, Lauren or Olivia you will be in great hands on your trip.

We are also directly employing Ukrainian guides. It’s sad but true the national minimum wage in the Ukraine is around £92 a month. Through our tours we are giving local guides the chance to earn good money, the exact same we pay our UK staff. While a little company like ours is never going to change the world we are proud to be making the lives of a few a little bit better.

– Chernobyl.co.uk Team

If you have any questions please use the contact us page.